Live show series for environmental and climate protection

Welcome to our Website

Welcome to our Website

The 30-Double-Days are a Association of like-minded companies and organizations.

Every day we are inundated with information (TV/newspapers/internet) and trust that the sources are reliable. Thus, not only do the countries of the world overflow with waves of information with falsified panic-mongering and intransparency, but business and politics use this panic-mongering to realize their own purposes. In addition, they are supported by various large companies and corporations, or they operate their own climate policies to prevent attacks and loss of image.

We think it is time to educate and inform people transparently and above all without the influence of corporations, politics, false opinion makers or bought scientists. For these reasons we have developed the project “30-Double-Days”. You learn the unfiltered truth about climate change and environmental protection! Join us! Learn all the facts so that you can get a clear picture.

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