30-Double-Days for the Planet

30-Double-Days for the Planet

Together for a global change

The “30-Double-Days” format forms the world’s largest civic community to unite individual organizations, associations, supporters and committed people/companies into one large unit. Strengthened and connected in this way, we want to act and promote sustainability for the benefit and protection of the environment and the climate.

The citizens of communities and cities are our absolute focus. They form the foundation for global change – environmental protection is a human right.

Early education begins in the family. Environmental and climate protection, as well as sustainable thinking and acting is mostly the responsibility of schools and universities. After all, it is these, our next and subsequent generations who support future action in the field of climate and environmental protection and ensure the sustainable survival of this planet.

Information – probably the most valuable commodity. Especially in our golden age of social media, celebrities, influencers and VIPs can contribute to an explosive development for the benefit of the environment and climate protection, in order to change the communication policy of governments and corporations in the long term.

We thank you very much for your support.

Citizen for the Planet

The inhabitants of the cities and communities want unpolluted green spaces, streams, rivers, and lakes. We ask the inhabitants to join forces and support our project.

As key players, we mainly inform the mayors of the cities and municipalities and ask them and their citizens to actively support our project “30-Double-Days” for the benefit and protection of the environment.

Each city and municipality are subject to indirect competition. With participation in our project we calculate how many citizens of the respective city or municipality took part in our project. If 20% of the citizens (city/municipality) have participated, the proof of the activity for environmental and climate protection is provided.

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Education for the Planet

Schools and universities are invited to participate in our project “30-Double-Days” in the form of a national and international competition. The 10 best schools and/or universities can win cups and cash prizes of EUR 3,000 to EUR 100,000. From now on the 3 best ones can carry the seal “30-Double-Days” in public and receive the seal ceremonially.

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Celebrities for the Planet

Celebrities for the Planet – Meet & Greet Tour
Special interviews before and in a nostalgic AIRSTRAMER on tour. In the city centres (Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Berlin) the Celebrities for the planet – AIRSTREAMER is set up whereby well-known Influencer a raising interview with one of the 22 Top Celebs (national/international) leads to the topics environment, climate and lastingness. Our camera team accompanies this tour and will report on it. Registered interested parties will receive the tour dates by e-mail –

Beside the interviews also professional pictures are made before the “Celebrities for the Planet – AIRSTREAMER”. Unique opportunity to make your own selfies with the stars.

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Convention – Celebrities for the Planet

Influencers from all over the world can participate in this format and create their own contributions on the topics of environmental, climate and sustainability, publish them or send them to us.

We select 44 contributions from influencers and invite them to participate in our annual “Convention – Celebrities for the Planet”. They will stand hand in hand with many celebrities on the red carpet as well as on stage and take pictures, videos, and interviews together.

The local press will of course be present, as well as our own crew of photographers and camera crews who will accompany this convention.

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Together we are strong and successful.

Seal of honour for committed individuals, groups, and companies

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