Business Partner

Business Partner

In the 30-Double-Days (live show series), we promote a shared corporate culture that acts according to these values.

We expect integrity not only from ourselves and all our employees, but also from our business partners. However, we must not expect the same from our business partners, because they are fundamental pillars of the economy.

Business partners whom we welcome into our ranks are verified by our Scientific Advisory Board and examined in accordance with our established qualification requirements.

At the same time, as a large community we want to actively support the many good companies that are committed to environmental protection and sustainability.

A large community for active environmental and climatic protection

Qualification requirements

  • Climate protection and sustainability

  • Environmental relief and resource efficiency

  • Prevention and health promotion

  • BGM/BGF: Occupational Health Management / Occupational Health Promotion

  • Food ecology and food security

  • Organic food industry

  • Research, development, innovation, environmental and health-promoting processes


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